Two-stroke helicopter engine with 8,93ccm glow plug with RC carburetor. Power 1.57 kW (2.13 PS) at 17000 rpm. Weight without shock absorber 429g.

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Two-stroke engines OS MAX is the peak of the power units for helicopters. Traditionally, sophisticated design using premium materials ensures high performance and long life. For a perfectly reliable supply of fuel in all flight regimes and altitudes and extreme 3D maneuvers, the fuel system of DRS (Demand Regulator System) with a pressure regulator.

  • Fuel system of DRS (Demand Regulator System) with a pressurizing reservoir pressure of abstraction from the engine crankcase to ensure a reliable supply of fuel.
  • Tříjehlový carburetor for optimum fuel mixture in the whole speed range with an integrated pressure regulator.
  • Armed lever carburetor to control double ran without dead movement and clearance.
  • Black anodized cylinder head with intricately shaped fins for superior cooling.
  • A balanced crankshaft mounted on precision ball bearings to minimize vibration and maximize performance.
  • The engine is prepared for mounting the tuned muffler PowerBoost 55th
  • The rear cover is prepared for mounting the sensor for governor Futaba GY-701.

MAX 55Hz-R is a high performance two-stroke engine with glow plug with a classic design with a piston with a piston ring for top F3C and 3D aerobatic helicopters Class 50. It is equipped with a carburetor tříjehlovým type 40L-R with a pressure regulator; fuel system uses the DRS system pressurization tank through a one-way valve pressure of abstraction from the engine crankcase through the throat to the rear lid. Ideal complement to the engine is tuned silencer PowerBoost 55th

  • The same mounting dimensions as the OS MAX 50SX-H Hyper OS MAX and 55Hz.
  • The crankshaft has a thread for propeller nut UNF 1/4-28
  • Recommended fuel: at least 18% castor or synthetic oil (or. A mixture of synthetic and castor oil), 10-30% nitromethane. < / Li>
  • Recommended Plug: OS MAX No.8, when using fuel with a higher content of nitromethane OS MAX No. 10 (formerly A5).

Set the motor comprising: motor 55Hz MAX-R RC carburettor 40L-R with a pressure regulator, glow plug No. 8, the valve, operating instructions.

Displacement [cc]8.93
Number of cylinders1
Bore [mm]23
Stroke [mm]21.5
Operating speed [rpm]2000-20000
Engine power (at 17,000 rpm) [kW]1.57
Power (at 17,000 rpm) [HP]2.13
Weight (motor) [g]429
Recommended candleOS MAX No. 8, No.10 (A5)
Thread on the shaftUNF 1 / 4-28