Glow Engine

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קרא עוד

Benchmark Prop 8×4 break-in
Bore 0.598" (15.2mm)
Carb Type O.S. 10G designed for remote needle tuning
Crankshaft Threads UNF1/4-28 M5
Crankshaft Type Threaded
Cylinders Single
Displacement 0.15 cu in (2.49 cc)
Engine (Only) Weight 4.87oz (138g) w/o muffler
Power Type Glow
HP .41PS, 0.41 HP @17,000 RPM
Muffler Type 2-piece aluminum
Muffler Weight 1.5oz (42g)
Oil Type & Content At least 18% synthetic lubricant
Plug Type O.S. A3
Product Height 2.4" (61mm) crankcase botton to top of cylinder head
Product Length 2.16" (56.5mm) from back plate to front of drive washer
Product Width 1.6" (40mm) at mounting tabs
Prop Range 7×5-6 x 8×4-5
Recommended Fuel 5%-15% two stroke blend nitromethane
RPM Range 2,500 – 18,000
Stroke 0.539" (13.7mm)